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Available to Adopt: Our Work

Available to Adopt

Ready for their fur-ever home!

Adoption Fees:

Kittens: $125

Young Adults (6 months - 7 years): $90

Seniors (8 or older): $65

Barn/Working Cats: $50



8 years old, male

Every single person who interacts with Bobby says the same thing: he is PERFECT. Ultra friendly, outgoing, polite, and sweet, Bobby is ready for a home!



17 years old, male

Felix is getting on in years, but he's still playful, silly, and ready to go home. Ask us about Felix's sad story and you wont be able to leave him behind!



3 years old, female

Chatty, chubby Corona is doing fantastically here at the Sanctuary, but a home would be better. She had special testing on her eye and it was proven to be an old scratch that doesn't bother her at all. You will fall in love with this chonk!



10 years old, male

Norman is an amazing, loving boy who wants to chill on your lap. He would just really prefer to do it as the only cat in the household. Looking for a ready-made perfect cat? Norman is for you!



4 years old, male

Have you ever wanted a polydactyl cat? What about an ORANGE polydactyl cat? Oscar is everyone's dream cat, with so many extra toes. He is playful, cuddly, and sweet. He won't last long!



9 years old, male

Named as such because he was tremendously knotted/matted when he arrived, Knotts is one of our all-time favorite cats. He doesn't know his age: he plays constantly, purrs, cuddles, and gets along with everyone!


Princess Diana

16 years old, female

Despite her age, Princess Diana is in perfect health! This absolute stunner of a cat won't be here long, as she is gentle, cuddly, and beautiful!


Mustard Sauce

4 years old, male

Shy but sweet, Mustard Sauce has never hurt a fly, but he's sure not loving this Sanctuary situation. Does anyone have a bed he can live under until he detoxes and learns to be a cat again?



9 years old, male

This gentle, polydactyl cat needs a place to relax and learn to be a cat again. His story is sad, but he is a nice boy that enjoys pets. He just needs time to come around!



10 years old, male

Shhh, don't tell the others but Squishmallow is the favorite. He is a giant, fluffy boy that is easily held and cuddled. He would sure like to be an indoor cat on someone's couch or cat tower!



1 year old, male

Samurai is a chatty young cat that loves to play! He is a goofy guy that would be your very best friend. We love this silly youngster!



4 years old, female

This might be the most beautiful cat we've ever seen. Eliza is STUNNING with her green eyes and silky, multi-colored coat. She's also perfect - friendly, sweet, cuddly. She won't be here long!



4 years old, female

Her whole world was turned upside down, but Buttercup is still good natured. She and her 3 housemates are hanging out together at the Sanctuary, but she is the most outgoing and brave of them all!



1 year old, male

Our newest FELV+ cat is a tremendous cuddle bug. He would make a great addition to any household that wants to give him lots of pets. He's not so sure about the shelter environment, but can you blame him?



14 months old, male

Another FIV-positive guy, but don't get confused with FELV. FIV+ cats can live a very long time and it really doesn't affect them. Yo-Yo is gentle and cute and little and we love him! He just needs to be the only cat in the household.



12 years old, male

After surgery and spending a lot of time with a foster, Rockstar is ready for a forever home! Our TikTok famous cat is an absolute gem. But don't forget, he's "scrungly!"



3 years old, male

Need a working barn cat? Nico is your guy!



4 years old, male

Little Shadir is friendly enough, but would rather hide at first. He can be adopted with his sister Cassie or by himself. Please give this gentle guy a chance!



8 years old, male

We all love this shy guy. Christian keeps to himself until it's dinner time, and then he will rub against your legs and paw you. He has never known a normal home, but he's ready to try!



4 years old, male

Quattro didn't have anywhere else to go. He's FELV/FIV+ and would do best as an only cat with an understanding owner. Does anyone have a giant heart for him?



3 years old, female

Cassie is a little bit chubby, but who isn't? She is a gorgeous long haired black cat, and can be adopted on her own or with her brother Shadir. We love this chunky, friendly girl!



5 years old, male

Our newest arrival is Ollie, and just check out that adorable nose!! Ollie is a friendly guy who lost his home through no fault of his own. He loves scritches! 



3 years old, female

This is our second longest-stay resident at the moment! She comes with a recent dental cleaning! She is quiet, doesn't cause drama, and just wants to hang out in your house. Easy to handle but not a cat who will get in your face for attention all the time.



8 years old, male

Shot with darts and left to die, Journey is now starting his new journey to a better life! This incredibly gentle guy is now available for adoption after a recent dental surgery!

Cholla copy.jpg


6 months old, female

This little girl is an unbelievable fighter! Just over 1 pound at 6 months old, Cholla has been a brave girl her whole life. She will be available to go home in mid February and is available now for pre-adopt

90% of people come here looking for baby kittens, which we sometimes have. They are definitely cute, but please consider adopting an older cat! They have so much love to give, get overlooked every day, are calmer and like to just cuddle near you, require less work, and usually have better manners with their claws. We love our older cats here!

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