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Available to Adopt: Our Work

Available to Adopt

Adoption Fees

$150 - Kitten (under 6 months) / $225 - Kitten Pairs

$100 - Adult (6 months to 8 years) / $150 - Adult Bonded Pairs

$75 - Senior (8 years and older) / $130 - Bonded Senior Pairs

$50 - Barn/Working Cat

**Multiple Cat Discounts for 3+**



This picture does not do Lovey justice. She is STUNNING to look at with gorgeous black stripes. She is 18 months old and so sleek and gorgeous. A MUST see love bug!


Wiley (with Coyote)

4yo Wiley is one of the most friendly cats we know! She is constantly purring, rubbing, asking for pets, and talking. If you want a non stop companion, she's the cat for you!


Coyote (with Wiley)

Shy guy Coyote, a 2 year old, is so gentle. He is so confused since arriving at the rescue! We love him so much. His brave big sister Wiley helps him feel confident!



13 year old Shadowcat has no tail (Manx syndrome) and is one of the most opinionated cats we've met. She is a really cool, unique cat that loves people!



Kino would love to be an only cat but dogs and children are okay! He is very personable, silly, and young - just 18 months old! And so handsome!



6 year old Dennis is NO menace! This former tomcat has the squishiest cheeks and most loving demeanor. He will follow you around, quietly being your companion. 



Sweet 13 year old Valentine lost her family on Valentine's Day. She was adopted but returned through no fault of her own. She is so depressed in the rescue :-( 



5yo Jason could be a house cat or a barn cat. He is a shy but kind guy that would like to go with his brother Brett. Far from mean, he's had both an indoor and outdoor life.



5yo Brett could be a house cat or a barn cat. He is a shy but kind guy that would like to go with his brother Jason. Far from mean, he's had both an indoor and outdoor life.



9yo Moon and her brother Draco must go together. These loving house cats are ready for adoption. No health issues, just love! These are GREAT cats!!



8yo Draco would be lost without his sister Moon. He's a little more shy while she is bold and brave. He's super cute and ready to be your friend! These are GREAT cats!!


Petie Pie

19yo Petie Pie just lost his bonded brother, O'Henry. We had been advertising them together since they arrived in May. Petie is a little lost and could use a loving home. He's quiet with good bloodwork!



Poor 1 year old Toast got adopted but was returned due to allergies from her new owner. She did very well in the home and was immediately out exploring. She likes cats and kids!



Gravy is Biscuit's brother! He is just over a year old and has become so chatty, silly, and playful. We absolutely love this little goofball!



2 year old Venus rules the Sanctuary. She is in charge of all the boys and all the humans. She would do best as an only cat or with dogs, or with a cat that doesn't mind her opinions. She LOVES people!



6yo Courage has anything but... he is quite shy but very gentle. Courage had a dental on August 3 and then will be ready to go home either with his brother Dare or alone.



6yo Dare is so gentle and chatty. He chirps when you pet him. He would really appreciate going home with his brother Courage. He LOVES to play!

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 11.02.48 PM.png


1 year old Nova was just a baby herself when she gave birth to five kittens.  She is now spayed and ready to go to a no-dog home!



2 year old Clark would love to go with his littermate Kent! They grew up together and make a SUPER pair.... get it?



2 year old Kent would love to go with his littermate Clark! They grew up together and make a SUPER pair.... get it?



15 year old Ringo is suspect of this whole kennel thing, and doesn't appreciate all the young whipper snappers climbing all around him. He just wants some peace!



Much-loved 5-year-old Harry can go with his sister Crystal or by himself. This is the first cat to greet us every morning; he loves people! He's such a perfect cat!



Semiferal Sweetie will require a lot of patience and time. She's absolutely stunning and befriended an older lady but hates being in the Sanctuary.



1yo Biscuit is sooooo cute! He's basically a baby, good with cats and kids alike. Who wants a cute little kitteny-not-kitten?



Lovely 8yo Patches is having a hard time being separated from her lifetime owner. This FIV+ cat is gentle and loving and won't be a  problem to other cats. She has so much love to give!



Jiminy is doing so well and is ready for a home! This FIV+ guy is no threat to any other cats, and can live a long and happy life! We are so excited to find him a home!



Pearla took 5 months to learn to trust again, and now she is so ready for a home. This gentle girl is going to make an amazing companion in a quiet home.



14 year old Theodore doesn't know what to make of his new situation at the rescue, but once he was shaved with all of his incredibly tight mats removed he became a different cat. He has some very minor special needs that the Sanctuary will provide. This is a 14 pound orange cat - what more could you want?!



Melon is semiferal but is coming around. She will weave between legs and cry at meal times, and loves to sniff your hand, but otherwise would prefer to just chill. Who wants to rescue a slow-trusting "under the bed" cat?

90% of people come here looking for baby kittens, which we sometimes have. They are definitely cute, but please consider adopting an older cat! They have so much love to give, get overlooked every day, are calmer and like to just cuddle near you, require less work, and usually have better manners with their claws. We love our older cats here!

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