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Available to Adopt: Our Work

Available to Adopt

Adoption Fees

$150 - Kitten (under 6 months)

$225 - Kitten Pairs

$100 - Adult (6 months to 8 years)

$150 - Adult Bonded Pairs

$75 - Senior (8 years and older)

$130 - Bonded Senior Pairs

$50 - Barn/Working Cat

**Multiple Cat Discounts for 3+**



1yo Hummus needs to be your only cat. He is desperate for love and a little clingy, so if you want a cat that will sit right with you all day, Hummus is your boy!



1yo Sunny is a friendly, sweet boy. He gets along with other cats but in a perfect world he would be the only pet. He is such a typical orange cat: cute, silly, often upside down, and loves people.



1yo Biscuit is sooooo cute! He's basically a baby, good with cats and kids alike. Who wants a cute little kitteny-not-kitten?



Sam is a fluffy black kitty who would love to be your only cat. He is FIV+ but this won't be an issue if he is placed in a home on his own, just how he likes it! Sam is so cute, you just have to meet him!



Blossom is very upset about being in the rescue. We are still getting to know her and she's not quite ready for adoption. She is just 3 years old!



Lovely 8yo Patches is having a hard time being separated from her lifetime owner. This FIV+ cat is gentle and loving and won't be a  problem to other cats. She has so much love to give!



5 year old Pablo is HUGE, almost 20 pounds! He lost his home and is pretty sad. He will take a few days to warm up but then he will sleep on your head. 



You thought Pablo was big, but meet Roo! This chonk loves people and needs a home. He weighs in at 23 pounds. Is there a diet in his future, as well as a home? Roo is 3 years old.



Four month old Yak and his brother Yeti are shy kittens who need socialization and a quiet home to start. They aren't mean, just scared. We love these little boys!



Little 4 month old Yeti is hanging out with his brother waiting for a forever home. He needs a home with a lot of patience but one day he will be a perfect boy!



10yo Smokey is a Cornish Rex. He has a really cool fuzzy coat. Smokey does have a head tilt but it doesn't affect him and he comes with lots of veterinary documentation. He must go with Balli!


Balli (Ballerina)

9yo Balli is an oriental short hair. She must be adopted with her best friend Smokey, who you can see above! Balli needs a bit of a diet, but she's so loving and kind!



8yo Serengeti cat Binti is a special girl. She would love a quiet home without kids and only small dogs. She won't be here long, she's too fancy to stay!



Jiminy is pretty scared in the rescue. His former caretaker comes to visit him regularly but Jiminy really needs a home! He wants to return to his floppy, silly self!



9 year old male is such a nice guy. Loves people and most cats. No problems with dog testing. This guy is the first to greet us at the for every morning!



Semi feral Pearla (8) is learning to trust again. She is particular with her people - for instance, she loves her caretaker from her previous life, and our volunteer Sandy, but isn't a huge fan of the rescue owner. Want to find out if you can be Pearla's chosen one? Come meet her!



Semi feral Squishmallow is the best of all our "semi feral" to head to a new life. He does not bite or scratch, he would just rather be left alone. We handle him without issue when we need to, and he even allows petting most days. His eye is not a problem, just a trait that makes him unique!



14 year old Theodore doesn't know what to make of his new situation at the rescue, but once he was shaved with all of his incredibly tight mats removed he became a different cat. He has some very minor special needs that the Sanctuary will provide. This is a 14 pound orange cat - what more could you want?!



Melon is semiferal but is coming around. She will weave between legs and cry at meal times, and loves to sniff your hand, but otherwise would prefer to just chill. Who wants to rescue a slow-trusting "under the bed" cat?



Journey was traumatized when shot with darts. He has been slowly healing and loves to explore his environment. He's also extremely playful and is a star on TikTok! Journey will take a long time - months - to learn to trust a human. You can handle and pet him, but he would rather you didn't. Who wants a project cat that looks like a sphinx

90% of people come here looking for baby kittens, which we sometimes have. They are definitely cute, but please consider adopting an older cat! They have so much love to give, get overlooked every day, are calmer and like to just cuddle near you, require less work, and usually have better manners with their claws. We love our older cats here!

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