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Available to Adopt

Adoption Fees - Select cats are 50% off through June 14!

$150 - Kitten (under 6 months) / $225 - Kitten Pairs

$100 - Adult (6 months to 8 years) / $150 - Adult Bonded Pairs

$75 - Senior (8 years and older) / $130 - Bonded Senior Pairs

$50 - Barn/Working Cat

**Multiple Cat Discounts for 3+**

Note: Our adoptable cats are listed by length of time at the Sanctuary.

Please scroll to the end to see our newest cats!

90% of people come here looking for baby kittens, which we sometimes have. They are definitely cute, but please consider adopting an older cat! They have so much love to give, get overlooked every day, are calmer and like to just cuddle near you, require less work, and usually have better manners with their claws. We love our older cats here!

Think we have your cat? We would love to reunite you with them! When cats arrive we scan them with a microchip to make sure they aren't registered anywhere. If they are, we will try to reach the owner. If they aren't, we will post the cat on our social media. After a 3 day hold, the cat will become our property and be available for adoption.

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