Available to Adopt

Ready for their fur-ever home!

Adoption Fees:

Kittens: $125

Young Adults (6 months - 7 years): $90

Seniors (8 or older): $65

Barn/Working Cats: $50


Colin Feral

2 years old, male

Colin was given this cute name, but was never actually feral! Colin is SO sweet and social. We adore him to pieces! No health problems or behavioral problems. Look at those swoony eyes!


Artful Dodger

2 years old, male

We are not exaggerating when we saw Dodger is the BEST cat we've ever had. He LOVES to be held, carried around, and be on you. He is gentle, smart, good with dogs, cats, and kids, and is a unicorn find of a kitty!



9 years old, male

Oh sweet Sammy. This old man street cat is FIV+ but poses very little risk to other cats, as he's a lover not a fighter. This is a snowshoe Siamese ragdoll type, aka he's special and wonderful!



4 years old, female

Her whole world was turned upside down, but Buttercup is still good natured. She and her 3 housemates are hanging out together at the Sanctuary, but she is the most outgoing and brave of them all!



3 years old, male

Our newest FELV+ cat is a tremendous cuddle bug. He would make a great addition to any household that wants to give him lots of pets. He's not so sure about the shelter environment, but can you blame him?



14 months old, male

Another FIV-positive guy, but don't get confused with FELV. FIV+ cats can live a very long time peacefully with others. Yo-Yo is gentle and cute and little and we already love him!

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 9.12.18 AM.png


10 years old, female

This gentle lap cat would be the perfect companion for a family, single person, older person... okay she's basically just perfect! She does have kidney disease, so Pearl comes with special food and support for her adopter.



12 years old, male

We love this gentle guy! Mo is shy and quiet and just wants a home. He will arch into your hand and rub against you. This is the kind of cat we want to keep! Plus he's got a super cute squished ear but it doesn't bother him.



2 years old, male

Want a friendly, goofy young guy? Doobie is the cat for you! You will fall in love with him! He is a personable, silly cat.



10 years old, male

Our tough-luck guy is ready to go home. He braved the streets and won! He has had an extensive dental surgery, and now this cool guy is one of our most beloved, viral cats. He would prefer to be an only cat, dogs and children okay.


Lemon Meringue

8 months old, female

Despite being a baby herself, Lemon was getting ready to have a litter of her own. Now she can enjoy being the silly, floppy kitten she is! We LOVE this goofy girl!



18 months old, male

Poor Beans has been returned TWICE, through no fault of his own. Cats that lose their homes end up depressed, and Beans has been acting out. This gentle guy LOVES kids and is often carried around by a visiting toddler. He would like to be the only cat you have.



8 months old, female

Sassy, independent girl Poppy is ready to go home! She loves play time and is really motivated by chasing games, and rolling a ball around. She is flourishing right now!



8 years old, male

We all love this shy guy. Christian keeps to himself until it's dinner time, and then he will rub against your legs and paw you. He has never known a normal home, but he's ready to try!



1 year old, female

Look how cute she is! She came with this hilarious name, but don't worry, she's not mean. She can go by herself or with her sister Emmy.



4 years old, male

Quattro didn't have anywhere else to go. He's FELV/FIV+ and would do best as an only cat with an understanding owner. Does anyone have a giant heart for him?

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 7.06.38 PM.png


4 years old, male

Our brave little street cat has been diagnosed with FELV. He is not a typical adoption candidate because he has never known a life in a home, but he is sweet, easy to handle, and happy. Not to mention he's a chow hound! Who can open their home to him?



3 years old, female

She seems shy at first, but Emmy is a kind girl that wants to feel safe. She can go by herself or with former housemate Scarface!



10 years old, female

What a tough, kind-hearted girl. She is so easy to carry around and love! She plays ALL THE TIME! What a gentle girl.



3 years old, female

She comes with a recent dental cleaning! She is quiet, doesn't cause drama, and just wants to hang out in your house. Easy to handle but not a cat who will get in your face for attention all the time.



9 years old, female

Willow and her sister Wall-E have been together forever and just lost their mom in hospice. They haven't known another home and need a soft place to land. This bonded pair has a reduced adoption fee.



9 years old, female

Wall-E and her sister Willow  have been together forever and just lost their mom in hospice. They haven't known another home and need a soft place to land. This bonded pair has a reduced adoption fee.



6 years old, male

This handsome guy is really coming around and starting to be really social and brave. He would love to have a person! No dogs or young children, please!



2 years old, female

Ever wanted to truly rescue a cat in need? Clover is a tri-pawed feral girl who cannot go back into a colony due to her condition. She needs a barn or a home where she can just relax for the rest of her days!

90% of people come here looking for baby kittens, which we sometimes have. They are definitely cute, but please consider adopting an older cat! They have so much love to give, get overlooked every day, are calmer and like to just cuddle near you, require less work, and usually have better manners with their claws. We love our older cats here!