Welcome to Whiskers N Wishes Sanctuary

Cat Rescue and Long-Term Boarding in Tucson

Whiskers N Wishes Sanctuary is committed to providing quality care to cats that need long term boarding, and to giving adoptable cats the best chance they have at a forever home. Please read on for information about our services!



As a dedicated animal rescue and adoption organization since 2020, Whiskers N Wishes Sanctuary is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives and welfare of cats in need. Placing kittens is easy enough, but we want to help the struggling ones: seniors, and those with disabilities. Help give every animal a loving home!


Cats In Need

We believe every cat has a right to a safe, loving home, even those who may have disabilities or physical issues. We also believe that no one should have to give up their pet if they find themselves in a tricky situation. Please contact us for information about temporary or long term boarding, if you need help rehoming your cat, or if you want to adopt one of our residents!

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If you want to adopt one of our cats or board your cat with us, please reach out!

Adoption Fees:

Kittens/Young Adults: $90

Seniors (8 or older): $65

Barn/Working Cats: $50

Boarding Fees:

$10/day  for one

Add $4/day for each additional pet